Lord of the Horses

  • Book 1 - The Birth

    The first book, THE BIRTH- describes the birth of the young colt and the satanic plot to kill him being carried out by members of the 'Celestial Enlightenment Family.' The CEF is given information by their Master, Lord Wizard Star, about the colt's birth and his destiny. They will stop at nothing to kill him. He is born into an era in the United States when Christians are targeted and persecuted for their faith. The Lord of Horses is chosen by God for Jesus to ride as He leads the armies of heaven in the future Battle of Armageddon. He is given the name 'Shekinah' and eventually told that his mission on earth is to win the horses of earth over to God's side and to prepare for the inevitable battle against the horses that will choose to ride for evil.

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    Book 1 - The Birth
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Let the Adventure Begin!

From Author Tom Ravasio, comes the gripping series about a teenage girl, her white colt, and their struggle in what will become the ultimate battle between good and evil.

Lord of the Horses - Supernatural thrillers filled with faith and love, sacrifice and friendship, evil wizards and powerful angels, and a rider from Heaven called Faithful and True.

Lord of the Horses - a great gift for your teenage hero.

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